Online Tutoring for elementary school and high school 

We provide tutoring in Finnish, English, Swedish and Russia. The tutoring in other languages than Finnish is concentrated on Math classes: 

We provide Math tuition with an experienced, professional teacher in English from elementary school till High school, in 
Swedish from elementary school till High school and in
Russian for junior High.

The teachers
All of our teachers are skilled and experienced. They are classroom teachers, subject teachers or special education teachers by training and have excellent communication skills. Our teachers are especially adept at arousing enthusiasm for learning and helping to find the joy of learning. They ensure that learning goes in the best possible way. If for some reason the cooperation with the teacher does not work, you can change the teacher. Our teachers also follow our rules of ethics, a teacher from the same school does not provide private tuition for students in their own school. A teacher is bound by professional secrecy in relation to his or her student’s affairs.

    Cognitive methods for learning

    Learning can bring joy! We use observations made using research data on how learning should be organized to be as effective as possible. The science of learning studies how a person learns. It explores memory and the formation and understanding of concepts. Attention and brain functions during learning are also areas of research. Its findings allow us to develop more effective learning strategies. Our students can also get acquainted with learning techniques that will make learning a sure thing.

      Teaching based on the needs of the learner

      We always do an initial survey for the student, in which we map the student’s needs for learning. Whether the goal is to raise numbers, achieve a certain grade, pass a course or subject, improve study motivation, or improve self-esteem about studying, our teachers will help you get there. In private teaching, it is possible to go through things in peace with the teacher without the demands of group teaching, individually and at a pace that suits you. The teacher ensures that the topics studied have been internalized and the student always has the opportunity to ask questions. In addition to internet connection, all you need for online teaching is a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a quiet space, such as a private room for lessons. Why study online? Distance learning is safe. No close contact is required. Studying is efficient and effortless. We use the latest technology and train our teachers in our online teaching so that technology really helps in learning. You can study anywhere, no trips to the teaching point. Before the first teaching session, you will receive clear instructions on how to establish a teaching connection.
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